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Best Time Bead Intro Letter



At Spirit Night, each swimmer will receive a NAZY Blue Fin Dog Tag.  The design for the tag is provided by the winner of the Dog Tag Contest.

Display your dog tag with pride and spirit.  Take care not to lose it.

Your first beads are your initials.

Throughout the season, there may be team events that will warrant special beads.

As a swimmer improves their times, they will be rewarded with a Best Time Bead (BTB) for each event in which their time improves.

In addition, there are beads for Team Records, Qualifying for Charlie Hartley & Districts, Coaches’ Decision Beads  (Excellence, Sportsmanship, Team Spirit), and for participation at States and Nationals.

Swimmers who are registered independently and swim USA meets can use times for improvements, records, and qualifications (because we do not have a USA team at this time, JO & USA record beads will not be awarded).

Times will be taken from both Y and USA meets and will be calculated chronologically.

A BTB key is posted in the Y Lobby near the team mailboxes.

Once each meet’s results are validated and the data is compiled, the beads will be distributed during practice the week after the meet.  Any earned beads will be placed in your Swim Team Mailbox Folder.

String your beads onto your Dog Tag chain.

This has become a Blue Fin tradition, so you can compare your chains from year to year.

Also, a Meet Bead Report will be posted on the bulletin board the week after each meet. Congratulate your teammates!

Good Luck to all of our swimmers for a successful & fun season !

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